A Cup is a Cup

           Paper cups, goblets and all manner of drinking containers in between have one thing in common: they fulfill their function when holding a beverage. To be sure, the delivery of the beverage will be different based on the cup. But functionally, a cup is a cup is a cup. To a man dying of thirst, none of that matters. Just give him what’s inside.

            We are all cups of one sort or another. Some are more like goblets, others more like souvenir cups from a ballpark while still others more homey – plain, if you will. As far as the Lord is concerned, how we appear is not nearly as important as what we carry inside. And to a dying world without Christ, the contents are all that matter.

            Here is the problem: because of being born with a sinful nature no matter how impressive the outside might be, the inside of our cups is dirty. And then by life decisions we make them dirtier still. If we are to convey hope to a dying world, if we are to be fit for the Master’s use, what is the answer?

            Fortunately, God has not left us in this sorry state. The Holy Spirit cleanses us and then fills us with what we need for holy living and what the world needs for life change. We probably can’t do much about the type of cup we are but we can all be filled with the Holy Spirit, all offer the pure and holy life to God as our committed sacrifice, all bear the precious Living Water in the desert that is our fallen world.

            Are you available for His filling?